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News Heading: No Past Masters Boards the mystery revealed
News Date: 18 Jul 2013 / 13:50:33
News Details:

Queen Street Masonic Hall has always appeared to be needing what is called Past Masters Boards within the hall of Antiquity, listing the members who have occupied over the Centuries the Chairs of the various Lodges useing the building, recently in a conversation with a friend W.Bro Mark Smith PM Nautilus Lodge who had been helping out at the Durham Province Museum, I learned of a small disaster that befell the Temple in the 1950's and accounts for the reason there no old Past Masters Boards in the building.

The story goes that the members of the Temple decided to contract a painter and decorator to paint the main Temple during the recess, and this was duly done, the decorator was left to his own devices to tidy up the hall, and on their return some 2 weeks later they found a perfectly painted room, unfortunately they had forgotten to tell the Decorator not to paint over the lists of Past Masters that had been placed in the various wall panels around the room over a considerable time.

Attempts to clean it off failed and the lists were lost forever. 

Here are some old Photographs of what it was like, the last entry appears to be 1953.

 W.Bro Dave Dorward PM

Secretary of Concord