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News Heading: New Lodge Banner
News Date: 08 Apr 2013 / 17:30:57
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New Lodge Banner Unfurled

The lodge of Concord came into existence in 1949, and in that long time had never ever managed to have made a Lodge Banner as a focal point in its lodge room, this however changed when its members were set the task of how to meaningfully use a bequest from a Past Master of the lodge, the Late W.Bro Peter George Cromby, PPGStdB. a much loved and sorely missed Member of the lodge. 
Peter was aged 73yrs at the time of his death. He had been born on 4th December 1938, in the City of Shanghi, His mother and father who was at that time a merchant had met several years earlier in Shanghi and had married, and soon had three children, Peter being the middle child.
The family stayed in Shanghi in connection with the fathers business, but unfortunately in 1941 were caught up when the Japanese invaded and became the occupying power in China, and interning all foreigners so that at the age of only Three, Peter became a Prisoner of the Japanese, I am happy to inform you that the whole family survived this ordeal and were liberated and repatriated to England at the end of the war initially going to live in Hexham.
Peter eventually became a merchant seaman and studied for his engineering qualifications at Gateshead Technical College, at which he duly qualified and eventually led to him becoming a Chief Engineer at sea.
Peter was a keen sportsman and also an accomplished runner, completing the Great North Run several Times raising funds for his favourite charities.
He was Initiated into The Lodge of Concord on 4th January 1974 and raised on 6th September 1974, He served the offices of Warden in the lodge and attended all Fraternal Visits religiously, he became Worshipful Master of the Lodge in 2005, a role he threw himself into despite the disabling illness he was slowly succumbing to.
Peter had been diagnosed with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), a fatal Neuro degenerative disease to which there is no known treatment and has an average life expectancy of 6 years from its onset. The sufferer slowly looses their mobility and ability to communicate and in essence become locked into their own body. Although its cause is not completely known there seems to be a link to malnutrician in infancy as a possible cause, and that was a condition which Peter would no doubt have suffered during the war years in the internment camps.
When it became apparent that Peter was no longer capable of attending his lodge the Brethren made him an honorary member, this was both out of respect for him as a man as well as in recognition of his services to the Lodge over many years.
Following his Mastership of the Lodge, Peter was given a Provincial Honour of PPGStdB by the PGM, who brought it’s presentation forward to allow Peter to receive it whilst he was still mobile and able to attend the Provincial Meeting, for this kind and compassionate gesture this Lodge is most grateful to the PGM. Incidentally Brethren Peter would have been due his Provincial Honours in June 2012 and had this presentation been left to its natural progression then Peter would never have received the Honour he so richly deserved.
Peter passed away on Thursday 7th March 2012.
On Friday 6th April 2013 at a meeting of the lodge at which the PGM Rt W.Bro NE Heaviside was in attendance with a deputation of his Provincial Grand Officers, the lodge took full advantage of the opportunity to have the Lodge Banner dedicated by the Provincial Grand Chaplain W.Bro Ronald Caulderwood Black, PAGChap, who carried out his duty to the satisfaction of all.
The banner which is Gold bearing the logo of the lodge of a Lyre and a Horn is also suitably embroidered with a dedication to the memory of our Late Brother and Benefactor W.Bro Cromby. May it long be displayed within the lodge to his memory.